Cellulosic Technologies is now called


We changed our name. Here’s why…

Personal Care & Cosmetics

You could be consuming
~50,000 microplastic
particles every year

Synthetic polymers such as acrylates, polyethylene, and polystyrene are an integral part of personal and home care formulations today.

These are fossil fuel-based non-biodegradable polymers that are added as solid microplastics and/or liquid polymers to formulate the products. Researchers have confirmed that, via the food chain, these polymers end up in the human body.

Food & Beverages

Food industry lacks formulation-friendly, and bio-based additives

The food & beverages industry uses hyper-processed ingredients and unnecessary additives to enhance texture, mouthfeels, and other sensory properties.

Additives such starch are remarkably high in calories and could lead to fatal diseases including diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. Additives carrageenan and xanthan gum are known to cause an unhealthy gut that may contribute to sleep disturbances, insomnia or poor sleep.

Our Solution Portfolio

We bring to you biodegradable and clean ingredients made with bacterial cellulose.

How are we different from others?

We combine microbiology, fermentation, material chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations to create sustainable and customizable high-performance microbeads, rheology modifiers, and hydrocolloids.

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