Bio-based & Biodegradable Rheology Modifier

Rheology modifiers in the market do not provide pH stability and a wide range of viscosities along with biodegradability. 

Our readily biodegradable rheology modifier is chemdesigned and sustainably manufactured using green chemistry, 100% microbial-based natural fermentation, and zero animal-input process. RheoWeg is much more than a thickener in a formulation. Its unique properties lend it to the structure of the formulation, and upon application of force, also becomes fluid that can easily be poured or sprayed. Additionally, it can be applied to create a wide range of textures and sensory feels such as smoothness, better spreadability and application. 


  • Readily Biodegradable 
  • Unmatched Quality 
  • Available in Powder & Gel Form 
  • Made up of Microbial Microcellulose 
  • Stable in Wide Range of pH 
  • Insoluble; Forms a Gel
  • Water Holding Capacity 

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