BIOWEG closes a six-figure seed financing round in Q4 2020

BIOWEG is a science based company that aims to revolutionize the personal care, cosmetics, and food & beverage industry. Its mission is to improve billions of lives, build a sustainable and clean tomorrow and solve business problems the BioInnOvation way.

BIOWEG’s current product portfolio consists of innovative solutions that are non-GMO, animal-input free, and highly functional under various scientific and industrial applications. Available for customization and industrial application are bio-based microbeads and high-quality biodegradable rheology modifiers that replace microplastics from your daily lives.

The team is constantly exploring and innovating ingredients that are built on the backbone of ChemDesign. With advanced machine learning-based molecular dynamics and computational chemistry BIOWEG promises unmatched purity, functionality and customization. In collaboration with brand-owners and producers of personal care items, packaging and food & beverages, BIOWEG aims to help its customers aggressively meet their sustainability goals and contribute to a clean and green tomorrow.

Since the beginning of its conception, BIOWEG has been recognized by some of the leading accelerators, start-up competitions and promoters of sustainability in the European market. From bagging prestigious awards at the DSM YES DELFT (Validation Program) and the German Indian Business Forum (Start-up pitch competition), BIOWEG is also supported under the leadership of German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) and EIT Food. And these are only some of the supporters of its mission and goals.

BIOWEG is a promise of sustainable and profitable business. In Q4 of 2020, 2 experienced business angels saw this potential & value and backed the business idea and the startup with a seed financing round. With a total financing in six-figure range, BIOWEG is now expanding its pilot production, research & development and innovation efforts, growing its team and collaborating with brands to solve problems…

…the BioInnOvation way.