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We changed our name. Here’s why

Food Packaging

Multi-layer packaging continues to remain unrecycled in our existing waste management systems

Packaging today is built with a combination of eco- and non-eco-friendly materials such as paper, adhesive, aluminum, polyethylene and other complex non-degradable plastics. This multi-material packaging protects the contents against oxygen and moisture, extending their shelf life. However, it is also difficult to separate and recycle the materials in an economically and sustainable way and results in tons and tons of packaging waste.

In 2018, Europe alone produced over 17.8 million tons of post-consumption plastic packaging waste, according to a study by PlasticsEurope.

Our Solution

We produce biodegradable & clean, fermentation-derived microbial cellulose for       100% recyclable monomaterial packaging


Awards and Accelerators

Since the very beginning of our journey, we have been awarded and recognised by some of the leading accelerator programs and competitions within the industry

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