Intern - Biotechnology


BIOWEG is a recent start-up that focuses on replacing solid and liquid microplastics with biobased ingredients in our day-to-day life, developing biobased and biodegradable solutions. Our team is continuously growing therefore we present an opening for the fermentation team! If you are interested please read the following description!

Job Code: 100012

Role and Responsibilities

- Working on fermentation processes with an array of feedstocks, buffers, and sterilization of media.
- Identifying and troubleshooting process-related problems.
- Preparing and maintaining cell cultures and performing cell counts.
- Document experiments in an electronic lab notebook, batch record, and protocols.
- Helping with equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, and support working with partners.
- Executing and maintaining all infrastructure and equipment safety, regulatory and maintenance standards.
- Participate in downstream processing tasks and experiments; extraction and purification.
- Participate in laboratory, production, and other facility sanitation tasks with a commitment to maintaining hygiene standards.


- Currently pursuing or already completed Masters's in or related to Bioprocessing Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Life science or Microbiology
- Must have the ability to work in a hands-on and fast-paced environment and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects related to fermentation and metabolism.
- Experienced working with microorganisms and following aseptic techniques.
- Familiarity with equipment like Laminar Air Flow Hood, ultra-centrifuge, filter press, membrane filtration unit, freeze dryer, etc.

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